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When You're Injured, You Don't Need More Hassles!


When you've been injured in an auto accident or as a pedestrian, the last thing you need is more headaches. We understand that you need to focus on healing, so we take over the paperwork and hassles and focus on getting you the settlement you deserve!


Our practice takes cases involving: automobile accidents and personal injury, pedestrian injury and casualty, tractor trailer accidents, and motorcycle accidents.


Additionally, we will help obtain and file necessary medical claims, handle calls to the insurance adjuster, assist in finding a replacement automobile, and obtain the largest net settlement for our clients whether through negotiation or trial.


Aggressive Representation and Thorough Investigation


In our years of representing injured parties in personal injury cases, we know that acting quickly and aggressively is one of the best ways we can get your case settled quickly. We have thorough investigation procedures to make sure we have all the facts, and we'll be sure to let the insurance company know that we are ready to fight for your financial future!


For a free initial consultation, please call our firm today at 276-926-2075





I know how to help you settle your injury case quickly!


You'll get the best in representation and settlement, so call today!


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